Description of treatment

We recommend a biopsy when the presence of an abnormal mass in the mouth or throat is detected. A sample of the mass is taken through a small incision made with a laser. The sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis and the results are sent to your dentist. A follow-up visit is then scheduled to discuss the analysis report and decide whether the mass should be removed. It is important to note that the presence of a lump does not necessarily indicate the presence of a tumour. Cysts, for example, are common and can appear anywhere on the body.


These small lumps can cause oral cancer.


It is important to schedule routine checkups to detect oral cancer. Hygiene reminder visits can spot anomalies more quickly. Some tumors are only detectable through X-rays and professional examinations in their early stages of evolution.

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Approximate time

30 minutes for the appointment. However, we must wait for the laboratory results to offer a diagnosis.

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Nitrous oxide option

We offer the option of nitrous oxide sedation. This will help you feel at ease and will allow you to drive right after your appointment.

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