Gum grafting

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Gum recession (localized gum loss) is a common dental problem. Most people don't know they have gum recession because it happens gradually. To restore the health of the tooth and prevent further dental damage, a gum tissue transplant may be necessary. Here are the 2 main types of gum grafts:

CTG or connective tissue grafts: The most commonly used method to treat root exposure. A small flap of tissue from your mouth is used to cover the exposed root.

Allogeneic graft: Another technique using a membrane from a tissue bank to avoid taking tissue from the patient's mouth.


Remove sensitivity to cold, avoid abrasion (on the side of the teeth) due to excessive brushing and improve the aesthetics of the smile.


If gum grafting is causing you stress, be reassured we offer the option of nitrous oxide sedation to make your experience more relaxing.

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Nitrous oxide option

We offer the option of nitrous oxide sedation. This will help you feel at ease and will allow you to drive right after your appointment.

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