Wisdom teeth extraction

Description of treatment

Before your treatment, you will have an initial consultation to take a panoramic X-ray and give a pre-operative prescription. It is during the second appointment that we will do the extraction. You will first receive local anesthesia, and the teeth will be removed.


To prevent problems caused by lack of space, facilitate hygiene and prevent cavities, dentists often recommend removing wisdom teeth before they appear or become too long and firmly rooted. If you wait too long to remove them, it is possible to have:

More risks and complications during extraction;
Longer recovery;
Abscesses or infections under the gum;
Severe damage to adjacent molars;
Pain or dysfunction of the jaw.


Many dentists believe that it is best to do this when the person is younger and more likely to recover faster from surgery. This is why many teenagers and young adults will have their wisdom teeth extracted as a preventive measure.

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Approximate time

This treatment can last from 1 to 2 hours.

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Nitrous oxide option

We offer the option of nitrous oxide sedation. This will help you feel at ease and will allow you to drive right after your appointment.

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