Crowns, prostheses and bridges

Description of the treatment

A crown or inlay is a fixed prosthesis made of ceramic or porcelain, which replaces the missing part of the tooth. Following a root canal treatment, we recommend a ceramic or porcelain restoration for aesthetic reasons to change the colour or shape of the tooth and to protect against potential fractures.

A dental prosthesis is partial (with only a few teeth) or complete (complete dentition), fixed or removable, at the patient's desire. A consultation with the specialist will decide if an acrylic or metal prosthesis is better suited to your situation.

A bridge is a dental prosthesis that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is usually made of different types of metals, zircon, porcelain or acrylic. The pontic (the central part) must be supported by two natural teeth or implants.

Course of an appointment

1. Taking accurate imprints of your mouth
2. Manufacture of the crown, prostheses or bridge to measure, which will adapt perfectly to your morphology.
3. For crowns and bridges, we will cut the teeth.
4. Installation


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Nitrous oxide option

We offer the option of nitrous oxide sedation. This will help you feel at ease and will allow you to drive right after your appointment.

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